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Book Report/Review example - Marketing

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Book Report/Review
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Malcolm Gladwell asserts that human beings engage in two different lines of attack during the process of making a decision. The first strategy is to consciously consider what one has learned about the subject and then based the decision upon answers to a series of weighted questions…

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Gladwell sets his book up to ask why some people seem able to consistently make excellent decisions, why some people seem to have a knack for making instinctual choices, and why are some the best decisions often the most difficult to explain. Blink is directed specifically to what the most successful corporate managers do every day: making decisions.
Gladwell recognizes that unconscious decisions very often prove superior to those made after weighty consideration based on reasonable expectations. This decision-making process is not normally how executives arrive at a choice that affects employees, shareholders and customers. In fact, even the most enterprising executives tend to rely on factual studies and analysis before making any decision. Blink is concerned with those decisions made in the moment. The problem is that because the system that creates these gut decisions is such a mystery some people have instinctively distrustful of relying upon them. To lend such instinctive choices more integrity, Gladwell implies that the brain relies upon a method called "thin slicing" which is essentially the capacity the human unconscious to discover design in circumstances and conduct establish on very fine serving of familiarity. ...
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