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psychology project

Sternberg goes on to elaborate that compassionate love consists of liking without sexual desire. He traces compassionate love to humanities biological heritage. The extreme helplessness of a human infant who cannot even hold his/her head upright for the first five months and needs the support of an elder care giver who nurtures his life guided primarily with the feelings of compassionate love for the completely vulnerable and helpless organism that man is at birth. So the perpetuation of the species to a large extent is dependent on the compassion and care our older care givers gave us to enable us to survive. Sternberg states that compassionate love results from both intimacy and commitment - (minus the passion).
Compassion is an unconditional love rather like the love God has for humanity or like the brotherly/sisterly love shared by homeless people who share a deeper caring for each other even though they are not related. By its very definition compassionate love in my view is important as it will act as an anti-dote to fight terrorism and the senseless hatred of people who are different. ...
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Psychology is the study of mans behavior and the internal and external factors that influence it. One of the most recent upsurges in the study of psychological human behavior is aimed at the understanding of what love is and what causes it. And since psychology is a multi-disciplinary science -no single definition is sufficient to explain what love is, why we fall in love or the different kinds of love that exist…
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