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Genetics Biology

Type of cross used by Mendel: He crossed pure-breeding pea plants with round seeds with pure-breeding plants with wrinkled seeds. The F1 generation all had round seeds. Those had to be heterozygotes, meaning that the round shape of seeds is dominant. ...
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The clinical features of Alzheimer's disease (AD) are, loss of short-term memory, deficient in praxis (ability to perform skilled movements) and the skill of reasoning and judgment (Doraiswamy PM, 1997). These symptoms arise from involvement of the temporal lobe, hippocampus, and the parietal association cortices, with lesser involvement of frontal lobes, until the disease is in its later stage. A second most prominent neuropathological feature which is also present in AD is the complex, fibrilar deposits in the cortex of the brain; this is known as senile and amyloid plaques. Amyloidal...
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Ito ET. al. (1996) and Ryner et. al. (1996) shared that, sex differences in mating behavior and male sexual behavior among the Drosophila may be attributed to a single gene. Fru gene is created out of spliced transcripts from four distinct promoters. Lee et. al. (2000) added that, FruM is manifested in w2% of neurons in the Central Nervous System of male. These neurons are arranged into 21 distinct clusters in several regions of the ventral ganglia and brain, including some of the areas or regions implicated in male sexual behavior. Similarly, the complex behaviors of insects are related to...
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