Mel Gibson: Lifespan Development and Personality

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Mel Gibson has experienced both the high points of life and the low points of life. He has been the subject of public adulation and the subject of public condemnation. He has a loving wife, seven children, and a public following which is the envy of the majority of males around the world.


To this end, the essay will present a brief biography of Mel Gibson. It will then apply lifespan development theories in an effort to find out why he seems so self-destructive and angry. Finally, this essay will apply two theories of personality in an effort to illuminate Mel Gibson's inconsistent behavior.
Mel Gibson is fifty years of age. Although he is generally considered to be an Australian, he has strong connections to the United States of America. He was born in Peekskill, New York, the sixth of eleven children. Mel's family moved away from new York City when he was quite young and they settled on a farm. Mel's father worked seven days a week and was often away from home; consequently, the family was raised primarily by their mother. She was unable to drive, which only contributed to the secluded nature of his upbringing. They were very much an isolated family.
In 1964, when Mel was only eight years old, his father suffered a serious injury and lost his job as a brakeman for the New York Railroad. In the short-term, times were difficult. The family had to leave the farm, which by all accounts they enjoyed, and move into smaller and cheaper accommodations. Mel's older siblings were forced to find jobs to help support the family. ...
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