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Funeral Customs of Hispanics and Italians

As well, in some cultures, men and women are treated differently.
In order to come to a more clear and knowledgeable understanding on this subject matter, we will be thoroughly investigating and appropriating the funeral customs of two cultures in particular: Hispanics and Italians. The aim of this paper is to thoroughly discuss all of the key elements involved in Hispanic and Italian funerals; the customs, the beliefs, the traditions, as well as any and all other key elements in regards to this. By doing this, we will come to a more intellectual and understanding viewpoint on the issue at hand. This is what will be dissertated in the following.
According to the U.S. Census 2000, the largest minority population belongs to people of Hispanic origin. Although this population might share the same language - Spanish - they might be of any race. Furthermore, their spiritual belief systems might vary depending upon their current or historic country of origin. Therefore, as they plan for honoring the departure of their loved ones, cultural differences will often times emerge and will therefore need to be considered.
Hispanics are often more accepting of death because it is such a part of their religion and heritage. In fact, Mexico and Puerto Rico observe The Day of the Dead each year. ...
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Depending on one's customs, country of origin, and the era in which one lives, funeral customs can vary greatly. Cultures and civilizations attend to the suitable and appropriate care for their dead, keeping in mind the traditions of each one's separate customs…
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