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Citizenship and Social Exclusion in England and Turkey's schools - Essay Example

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It should be mentioned that it could be ascertained that the Crick Report on citizenship education which has been introduced in to English schools does fall short in its representing minorities and in its discussion of identity and diversity. It is agreeable with Starkey and Osler's criticisms of the Crick Report and it could also be ascertained that the Citizenship Education is a waste of time, because it does not represent a multicultural citizenship.

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Citizenship and Social Exclusion in England and Turkey's schools

The central thesis of the paper would claim that both Bernard Crick and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's views are formed into one social structure and represents citizenship in education as a uniform standard which applies to all groups and people which live in their country. This is in a way comparison of welfare model to republic model of citizenship.
To elaborate the entire subject matter it is important to understand the terminology of citizenship under the perspective of Osler and Starkey's point of view. Under the parameters of Osler and Starkey citizenship indicates several variables where one of the most important aspects is the determination trust and faith democracy rather than autocracy. The second most important aspect in accordance to Osler and Starkey is the determination of cooperation rather than the essence of conflict within the society. Thirdly it should be seen whether it is sustainable within the parameters of diversity and equality. The essence of citizenship also indicates that a good citizen must be bale to recognise the individual responsibilities and rights. The individual citizen must also recognise the precedence of authority and power.
Furthermore the citizen must be able to understand and honour the aspects of ord ...
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