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The effect of September 11 on American Security and evolution of new concept of Racial Profiling - Essay Example

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September 11 has influenced the way people think about Arabs and racial profiling has become an integral part of American security. So far, not a single person has been arrested or charged with the offense with the help of racial profiling, however, for some reason the government is not planning to reject racial profiling in airports…

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The effect of September 11 on American Security and evolution of new concept of Racial Profiling

It is hardly possible to meet the person who is unaware about the events of September 11. Thousands of people became victims of the biggest terrorist attack in the history of United States. The single day has changed the life of Americans, their perception of security and human dignity. The attack was well planned and confidently carried out, it was impossible to foresee this tragedy. Or was it Four years have passed since that time but the world is still talking about it. One of the major outcomes of September 11 has become the closer examination of visitors to United States. The concept of racial profiling has become an inevitable part of national security. Nevertheless, is it reasonable to label the whole Arabian world as potentially dangerous because of the action of several individuals
When the American nation has managed to overcome the terror, the cardinal actions had to take place. Among the first initiatives was to use racial profiling in screening out the potentially dangerous immigrants and visitors to the country. Of course, the Arabs have become number one suspects and were closely examined. ...
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