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Managing International Operations

The Six Markets Model is beyond the basic marketing of a product/service. It, in a way, markets the entire organisation as well as the industry rather than marketing merely the product/service. The Six Markets Model aims at categorising the markets to manage the business relationships. Figure 1 briefly explains the categorisation of the markets.
Managing relationship is the key ingredient of a successful business. The survival and growth of any business is mainly dependent on the relationship it maintains with its customers, employees, collaborators and competitors. The Six Markets Model, especially the customer market, internal market and recruitment market would make a huge impact on the internal candidates and the global customers as they would assist the organisation in analysing and improving its relationship with them.
The customer service model adopted by the organisation determines the strength of the relation the organisation would have with its customers. A customer service model consisting of the following features would be necessary to bridge the gap between the services provided and the services expected by the customer:
Getting into the shoe of the customer: The organisation w ...
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An organisation that is expanding its operations and market to an international level would need to, most importantly, concentrate on modifying its marketing model and customer service model in order to cater to the needs of an international market. Also, the organisation needs to look into managing multidisciplinary and multicultural teams and functions which are by-products of international operations…
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