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Title Primary and Community Care Services need to provide comprehensive, integrated and coordinated care for individuals and their families. - Essay Example

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According to Nay and Garratt (2009) "Primary and community care services need to be strongly focused on providing comprehensive, integrated and coordinated care for individuals and their families. They are essential to ensuring that older people can continue to live at home and participate in the community when they become frail, ill or disabled" (p18).

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Title Primary and Community Care Services need to provide comprehensive, integrated and coordinated care for individuals and their families.

In collaborative healthcare practice in the clinical setting, it can be an action dependent on opinions based on a process of reasoning that builds on academic learning. A multidisciplinary team comprises professionals from different specialities who work as a group towards care to the patient. The main reason for such a care strategy is diversity and complexity of healthcare, rapid advancement of medical specialities in terms of knowledge, technical dexterity of members of the team, enhanced client concerns about health and care, and many other intricate issues in present-day healthcare where no profession has superiority over another across the contexts of healthcare delivery plan to a patient. This is a case study of a patient, whose identity will remain undisclosed in this work for ethical and confidentiality reasons. A nickname, Mrs. Chang will be used throughout the work. ...
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