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School Uniforms A Necessity or Just Another Extreme Policy

Though some might disregard it as trivial, yet the reality of the matter is that this very issue decides the basic foundation of our society and its regimentation.
The issue that this paper would seek to analyze would be that of school uniforms; are they actually a necessity or just another ploy to keep the society in check. Whether it is in fact actually a matter of extremity of regulatory behavior or something that can hold the society fundamentals in place.
School uniforms as we all are aware are common to many nations across the globe; used mostly in the primary and secondary schools. While the most widely recognized are those which are worn by students at schools, other types can be occupations such as nursing etc. If one was to examine the dress code itself, the normal pattern has been that of wearing clothes of more passive nature.
In the United States, the scenario is such that though many schools do not have uniforms per see, they do have regulated dress code. The dress code limits the amount of skin that can be exposed. The limitations can be found for such garments that either have holes in them, or are obscene, gang-related or even unsafe in certain cases.( Millikan)
However, certain elements of what this standardization has to be analyzed and studied before deciding the fate of these uniforms ...
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This paper would examine a basic fundamental of the society's rules and regulations of today; school uniforms. It would be seen that whether their role is required it whether it is something that would be used by the all-powerful governments to bind us further to a behavioral pattern…
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