Peter The Great

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Peter the Great was one of the most greatest emperors in the history of the Russian Empire. He brought all sorts of revolutions, reforms and improvements in Russia. He made an attempt to modernise Russia and bring it to the high European standards. He dreamt of Russia to become a maritime supremacy and he fulfilled that dream by gaining control over many maritime outlets.


He was a true fighter and did not get discouraged by defeats. Rather he tried to strengthen himself so as to defeat his enemy. He has brought many reforms to Russia, be it be regarding marriages, taxes or the Church.
Peter the Great also known as Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov, was a tyrant and ruler of Russia in the late 17th and early 18th century. He ruled, reformed and revolutionized the country in his own ways, bringing a storm of transformations. Peter was born on 9th June 1972 to Alexei Mikhailovich. He had a reign of forty two years over Russia, starting from May 7 1982 until his death. Peter was a curious man. He was receptive to all sorts of learning, whether it belonged to his own culture or not. He was also ruthless, having no mercy for those who rebelled. His list of achievements earned him many titles, such as "the Great", "Father of His Country" and "Emperor of all the Russias".
Peter the Great had been given the gigantic responsibility of running the empire when he was a mere ten years old. Since then and till his death, Peter the Great's mind and body were always working to find ways in which he can improve Russia and make it better. His endeavours and successes made him great. ...
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