Adolescents not in turmoil,not deeply disturbed and not resistant to parental values

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The following essays a profile of the contemporary American adolescents who are not in turmoil, not deeply disturbed and not resistant to parental values as still constituting the majority of the adolescent population.


The following discussions also attempts to bring to fore parental care to be essential, as it is a wonderful privilege for their development as well, during the period of their children's adolescent years.Adolescence is commonly perceived as that stage of physiological, mental, and emotional development between childhood and adulthood. Generally taken as the "pre-teen" to "teen" ages, usually at the onset of puberty until about 18 or 19, the period of adolescent development pertains to a rather diverse range of determinant influences including social, environmental, religious, even cultural factors for the concept to be framed in more definitive terms. In this paper, the context adopted by the American Psychological Association (A.P.A.) in its scientific publication titled "Developing Adolescents: A reference for Professionals" shall be, likewise, adopted: "There is no standard age range for defining adolescence. Individuals can begin adolescence earlier than age 10, just as some aspects of adolescent development often continue past the age of 18. Although the upper age boundary is sometimes defined as older than 18 (e.g., age 21 or 25), there is widespread agreement that those in the age range of 10 to 18 should be considered adolescents." (p. 2)
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