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Different Ways to Wear a Scarf. - Essay Example

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Different Ways to Wear a Scarf.
When talking about fashion, scarves do not just serves as something tied around the neck or the head. It can be worn in so many different ways to accessorize and highlight one's beauty…

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Different Ways to Wear a Scarf.

Fashion has not only become a determining factor of what or who is beautiful, but has also become a status symbol. The more accessorized or hip and trendy one looks, the better. And while some women can afford to have the expensive and latest fashion products by world-class designers, some have to do with the little accessories available on the market. So for these women, here are a few steps on how to accentuate their looks and become more fashionable by using one of the most common and cheap accessories- the scarf.

During the Renaissance period, scarves were worn as badges of military rank. It is worn from the left shoulder to the right hip, as a baldric (Hand Made with Care, n.d.). But today, it can be worn as a headdress, a blouse, a belt, etc. Today, I am going to teach you how to make a halter-style blouse and a headdress called a crown out of a scarf.

For the halter-style blouse, what you need is a square scarf at least 120 cm2. First, take the square scarf and tie a small knot in the center of the scarf. If the scarf has an apparent front and back, make sure the knot is tied on the back side of the scarf. Next, fold the scarf diagonally so that the knot is on the inside of the fold.
Wrap the folded edge of the scarf around your waist, letting the unfolded points hang down. ...
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