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Essay example - Advisor to Prime Minister Mahmud Abbas about PNA Corruption

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As your advisor,I write this letter to assist you in our challenge of declaring an independent republic.I am keenly aware of the equilibrium in which we must operate.As such, I have delineated applicable wisdom from certain political thinkers to help us in our endeavor.

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No nation is perfect, but it means victory to correct our national failings.1 It is in our best interest to cultivate culture and good breeding among our people.2 Our enterprise is that of opposing the malice of others at least in part.3 In order to do so, we must be somewhat unpredictable.4 We must know our strength.5 We should know when the time is right to act toward independence.6 We must be resolute.7 We should emulate the heroes of history.8 We should prevent any additional scandal.9 We must keep hope alive.10Corruption is alive and well in our organization, and we should do all we can to rectify that. The challenge is to allow everyone to maintain a sense of dignity in doing so.11 We must act quickly, because to continue on this path is folly.12 Nevertheless, we should expect at least some failure in our comrades and care only to keep the company of those who are honorable.13 We need to live in pragmatism and be seen doing so.14 We must put ourselves on the path to self-sufficiency.15 In so doing, we ought to make use of friendly support from other nations.16 Although we may feel sorry for others, we never want to end up feeling sorry for ourselves.17 The only way to wage this battle is with honor.18 With our opposition party in Gaza, we must care to never fully contend with those who have little to lose.19Although we should seek conciliation, we do not want to be too week in our discourse. ...
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