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Working Agreement

This also gives rise to psychological stress. The issues need to be addressed to ensure that the person comes out of her social and psychological stress which could also eventually break her down.
Significant developmental History: The client has been addicted to crack cocaine for the past four years. It is possible for her to get out of it but it is yet to be done and the Child Protective Services have taken custody of the children and given them to their grandmother. The client needs to go through a parental program in order to get back in to the routine even if she were to come out of this issue. In the current situation, the person is subjected to psychological stresses that could make her behave emotionally. That possibly explains the reason for her to walk into the counseling room for getting the children back.
Goals: The goal for the assessment will be to get the children back to the client. In order to achieve this goal, she would be interested in executing the rest of the work that might be required to cure her as well as bring in normalcy in her life. A secondary goal therefore, will be to get back into normal life with a job and with the family. If the therapy is successful, the client would have got back the children under her custody. ...
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BioPsychoSocial Stresses: She is under multiple stresses. One, she is under the pressure to come out of the addiction she is in. She also has to lead her family. For this, her job and of course, children would all form a part of this pressure. She is under biological stress directly because of the usage of Cocaine, while the rest of the factors contribute to the Psychological stress factors…
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