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English Writing - Essay Example

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For every person who has reached success, each would have a different story of how the person reached their success. Each person would have different ideas and advice on how to be successful in what you want. However, there would be some people that would all agree, that in one form or another, passion was what helped them get there…

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English Writing

My personal passion is for my skills as a leader. Being in charge and leading a group of people, is when I come alive, and become enflamed with passion for what I am doing. One of my first hand experiences as to what success can happen when passion paves the road was when I started the International Business Club at school a year ago. Here my leadership passion was envisioned in a club, which I would get to lead.
At first my progress with the club was going along slowly, and I was finding many problems and road blocks on my path to success. I had piles of paperwork I had to do as leader of the club, and all through out the first semester my attendance numbers were low and unstable. Also, I have to work by myself to plan many of the club's activities and events. But my dream and passion kept me going, and I had hope that the club would improve.
Eventually, things did start to improve. The numbers in the club grew, and the officers and members started working together in harmony. All the events and activities I had planned turned out to be a huge success, showing that with hard work and passion you truly can go a long way.
Also, another thing I learned with this experience was how to evolve as a leader. My organization skills as a leader improved, as well as my social and communication skills. ...
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