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Depression: Its Effects on African American Women - Essay Example

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African American women have suffered from highly exertive bouts of depression for years with no end in sight concerning successful treatment strategies. The depression ratio amongst African American women is due to diverse variables that are difficult to change and or manipulate in a fashion that is rapid enough to streamline the effects of depression on these women…

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Depression: Its Effects on African American Women

In many cases, Depression can be diagnosed through a matrix grouping that clearly details anatomical exertions that have a dramatic effect on the psychological and physical well being of a clinically depressed patient. The following is a detailed list of depression symptom facilitators:
As you can see, four of the aforementioned depression facilitators can cause potentially fatal effects on the clinically depressed patient. These facilitators also prove that depression can be covert in its attack, as many of these variables go unnoticed in scenarios where they are introduced individually to the life of the depressed patient.
The societal reality of a patient's life has a major effect on that patient being diagnosed with depression. The stress factors related to living an impoverished life sets the stage for the depression based facilitators that have been previously mentioned. The intensity, continuity and method of societal variances play a significant role in the exacerbation rate of depression in the clinically depressed patient. These factors clearly detail an
environment where African American women suffer from depression on an almost exclusive basis due to the poverty ratios that prevents them from realizing the societal benefits of a balance ...
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