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Social welfare policy courses are included in the Undergraduate social work curriculum. These are meant to be providing the students with the initial skills in the analysis of regional, national, and federal policies or programs which have an impact on the citizen welfare.


Nevertheless, several of the undergraduate students consider social welfare policy to be disinteresting (Popple & Leighninger; Woik, Pray, Weismiller & Dempsey). Some of the students like working only with people and families and are not interested in macro-level issues. Some others do not have enough experience in tackling with the major troubles, thus they have to be striving with the thinking of incompetence to comprehend social welfare policies. Still others find that it is difficult to apply policy structures to the political, economic and socio-cultural complications which are a part of the social welfare troubles.
There is a theory that by using experimental styles for teaching students about the social welfare policy, they would be able to attain more knowledge and skill regarding their work on social and economic justice matters. In this study a comparison of two kinds of ways will be presented. One way is by teaching about social welfare policy as a service learning course while the other incorporates social welfare policy into the learners' class experience.
This study has been undertaken in order to provide the teachers and students with the information regarding the methods of teaching about the issue at hand. This was the motivation. Through this they can discover the ways of teaching effectively.
Many know about the students' disinterestedness in matters regarding social welfare policy. ...
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