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Operation Management (Assignment) - Essay Example

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If you can't measure it, you can't manage it" is a truism that is applied to Total Quality Management (TQM) by all trainers and practitioners in the field. Increasingly one hears the comments, 'I am not interested in what you feel, and can you provide data to support what you say 'or, 'Show me the Data'…

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Operation Management (Assignment)

The present context narrows our interest lies in focusing to two of the points, these are:
In all industry and services the supervisor has traditionally used some form of measurement to lay down norms or objectives for the workers to attempt to achieve. These objectives were based on arbitrary averages of the past performance and while some workers found it easy to achieve these, some just could not cope. This method put a limit to what could or should be accomplished based on the supervisors perception of what was good or bad for the organization. Deming pointed out that counting and inspection of the end product presumed that there would be defects and mass inspection would only identify the defect that would need to be reworked or the product scrapped. There is no way that identifying a defect or shortage at the end of the process can help in improving quality. Management should instead shift focus to inspection of the systems and processes that go into the production of the article or service.
Numerical quotas or norms or objectives do not assist in identifying the capability of the workers and systems they only measure what exists. Historically management has looked at producing larger volumes under the mistaken impression that more volumes meant lower cost of production per unit. ...
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