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Politics of Globalization and Iran - Essay Example

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The Islamic Republic of Iran is a country that abounds in natural resources and at the same time represents a very ancient and important civilization. Since the times immemorial, Iran has played a pivotal role in the international trade and the celebrated Silk Route that stretched between the Mediterranean Sea and China passed through this critical trade centre (Lendering)…

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Politics of Globalization and Iran

Most of the enervating problems of the modern day Iran stem from its complicated and atypical political system that aspires to harmonize the elements of an Islamic theocracy with a fledgling democracy (BBC). The anachronistic seeming Iranian polity is a strange mix of elected democratic institutions such as a president, a cabinet, and a parliament being constitutionally and unambiguously superseded by a gamut of unelected power centres such as a guardian council, an expediency council, and the armed forces, which are administered by the highly influential and theocratic Supreme Leader. It is realistically impossible for the foreign policy and the trade policy in Iran to remain uninfluenced by the aforementioned power centres. President Mahmoud Ahamadinejad who came to power in 2005 has been trying hard to refurbish and realign the Iran's economic policies with the contemporary global trends. At the same time, the world community is resorting to a series of measures like active diplomatic engagement and trade sanctions to alter the Iranian state and trade policies.
Iran subscribes to a primarily industrial economy that contributes more then 45 % of its GDP and is a profitable mix of oil and gas, textiles, steel, pet ...
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