Elemental Cost Plan for Commercial Office Development

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GFA is the area contained within the external walls of the building measured at each floor level. Approx. CFA (Construction floor area) =GFA x conversion factor( 1.2 for commercial areas)
The total area to be excavated is around 400 sq.mtr.


Total steel/ metal required is approximated to be around 300 kgs .This done taking into consideration that CPA is 951.6 sq.mtr .Labor cost is assumed to be 16 pounds/ sq.mtr for entire work. Equipment charges are assumed to be around 3000 pounds Material cost = 400 x 30=12000 pounds Labor charges = 16 x 951.6=15225.6 pounds Total cost = 12000 + 15225.6 +3000=30225.6 pounds
Total masonry and concrete required per sq.mtr is assumed to be 0.6 kgs per sq.mtr. Labour charges for entire work are assumed to be around twice the material required. Material cost = 0.6 x 951.6 x (64 +5) =39,396 pounds Labor charges = 2 x 39396 = 78792 pounds Total cost = 39396 + 78792 =118188 pounds
Total area to be insulated is approximately around 1000 sq m. This includes all external walls .The area is calculated from the available drawings. The rate of insulating material is taken 8 pounds /sq.mtr from the above table. Labor charges are taken to be around 4000 pounds for above project. Total cost = 8 x 1000 +4000=12000 pounds
Total number of doors of ground floor = 32 No of doors on first floor =25 ...
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