Dams and Reservoirs

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In the early stage of planning and design, the type and site of dam should be selected carefully. Preliminary designs are required for several types of dams before it can be concluded for the best solution from the direct costs and other factors. Thorough consideration of the characteristics of each type of dam for a particular site is to be given emphasis…


The final choice of the dam will be made after the consideration of these factors. In the study, the factors that affect the selection of the type of dam and the dam type to be constructed on different foundations will be discussed accordingly.
Topography includes the surface configuration of the dam site, the area of the reservoir, the accessibility of construction materials and the source. The topography of an area determines the type of dam to be constructed. Geotechnical and geological structure of the dam site refers to the condition of the foundation which depends upon the thickness and geological strata that will carry the weight of the dam, their permeability and inclination and the relation to the underlying strata and faults. The foundation will be responsible for the choice to a certain extent, although it can be modified, taking the height of the dam into consideration. Availability of construction materials is the reduction of transportation expense for construction materials, especially those in large quantities will have an effect in the reduction of the total cost of the project. Therefore, the most economical type of dam is the one for which the construction materials exists within a distance from the site. ...
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