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Argument about physically disabled people. We choose a subject(physically disabled people) on which to alter people's thinking. - Essay Example

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Argument about physically disabled people. We choose a subject(physically disabled people) on which to alter people's thinking.

This greatly affects the quality of life people with disability can lead. The negative attitude stemming from the society leads to denial of opportunities for the physically disabled. Physical disability is not distant from everyone of us. Personally, I underwent a major surgery at 16 on my legs which forever changed my understanding of physical disability. The surgery culminated into a rare condition called Miserable Malalignment. Eventually, matters became so complicated for me that the doctors tried to perform a correction by aligning my legs through sawing both of my legs' bones in half, twisting them to the right place and eventually using screws to keep them in place. This condition prevented me from going on with normal life and every aspect of my life was interrupted including my studies.
I had become a physically disabled person. Coping with the situation was hard because I had always believed that physical disability was a condition one was born with. Therefore for me becoming physically disabled at age 16 was something I least expected. Of all facets in life, it is my schooling and social life that was worst affected. ...
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Physical disability is the situation whereby an individual experience restricted ability in the functioning of their physical parts1. Apart from physical disabilities there are other forms of disabilities such as mental disability occasioned by impairment in the brain or the nervous system…
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