Economics of Strategy

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Subprime debacle is an important happening that needs analysis to avoid it in future or to minimize the adverse affects of it on financial companies and organizations. However, the organizations that faced losses in subprime debacle are coming out with fresh investments, as the customers are 'bloodied but not unbowed' according to James C.


As the service producing industries in US account for 81 percent of all private sector payrolls, economic growth in the sector can be a boost for the investments in credit. However, as the extent of the credit market impact is not clear, the investments in credit business may result in attracting higher interests for home loan customers or credits being tightened. The overall consumer spending that will be a result of steady gains in jobs and incomes can neutralize the impact of subprime debacle. However, the tight credit may not affect the household sector also as long as labor markets are strong. As service sector companies are adding new workers, the gains in payrolls are a suggestion for the expanding of the operations that supports the household spending. 1
The economy and profitability of economic organizations depend on the transaction costs. In that aspect, the subprime lending is a good opportunity for economic organizations, but the debacle has led the organizations to face the losses. The internal structure, working nature and policy of the economic organizations decide the cost and nature of transactions. As a result, transaction cost economics by Coase decides the structure of the organization and working relations between departments in an economic organization. ...
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