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Employment Law College - Essay Example

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Employment law is something which affects most of us at sometimes during our lives, and it is the area of law that is probably the most complex and the most changed and added to. It can be said that it is also the area of law most often ignored or overlooked by employers in small to medium businesses".1

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Employment Law College

However dealing with employment laws is a day to day affair for any business or industrial undertaking irrespective of the size and magnitude of the operations. Hence it becomes very essential that the employers understand and appreciate their legal obligations under the employment laws especially when the employers are keen of making changes in the working place or in the terms of employment of the workers in order to be competitive and efficient. This paper envisages bringing out a comprehensive review of the various legal provisions governing the restructuring of the work place as a result of either changes in the business due to various reasons like mergers or acquisitions or changes in the employment contracts due to decision by the employer to change in working hours and to outsource some of the workloads.
As a matter of fact, "United Kingdom [UK] employment law has mushroomed in the recent years. Modern UK employment law first saw huge changes during the 1970's. Several Acts of Parliament introduced new and complex legislation in areas such as Equal Pay, Sex Discrimination, Race Discrimination, and Health & Safety. Since then there have been even further extensions to UK employment law, particularly brought about by UK's membership of the European Union which required changes to the UK employment Law. ...
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