Kuiper Leda Problem Solution and Defense

Case Study
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Here we are discussing about a medium scale company, engaged in supplying electronic goods. This company is situated in United State and known as Kuiper Leda. Kuiper Leda is a well known company which supplies electronic goods to some to automobile industry.


For increasing profit company has to focus on sales figure. Kuiper Leda built a strong reputation with its clients / customer due to right quality, right quantity & right price. Kuiper's customers are having faith on kuiper's capability.
Kuiper decide to launch a new product knows as Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID). Initially kuiper's started with a very small setup for this device. And Kuiper is facing a problem in managing inventory for this new setup. The inventory cost is on the higher side. So Kuiper decide to decrease in inventory cost using effective operation management. Decrease in inventory cost will definitely increase the revenue of the company and its share holder / stock holder. Increasing the revenue of the company, automatically ensure the future growth of the company.
Kuiper Leda management team should need to focus on the adequate forecasting of inventory, so that the production process can be run smoothly, without increasing the inventory holding cost. This Effect the future growth of Kuiper Leda.
For achieving decrease inventory cost Kuiper Leda instruct the operation Management team to keep track of the production process. During the inspection of production process, team was asked to keep track on inventory also. This team has to focus on the production process & inventory, & need to found how much inventory is required for a specific order. ...
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