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Political Economy and Public Policy

I will attempt in this essay to specifically explain the meaning and implications on the imminent challenges that may be experienced while trying to achieve this objective. I will include the political considerations of the devolution of power from central government to the regions and local authorities. Also, I will look at the political willingness, and what government departments do, to pay attention to a stronger patient voice in this process. I will critically analyze the functions and compositions of public forums in the UK since the onset of this idea of transition from central government. Issues of partnerships and service delivery policies will also be discussed with the intention of shedding more light on their role in ensuring that citizens in this country get better health care through a decentralized framework. I will also draw on some internal documents and discussions within the central Department of Health to represent up to date changes taking place in the move towards decentralization. Organizational
Initiatives such as Local Area Agreements (LAA's) and Local Strategic Partnerships (LSP's) will also be discussed at length in terms of their extensive utilization as key instruments in the health and social care sector in decentralization.
Local Area Agreements are public initiatives designed to specifically handle issues of ...
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In recent years central government (in UK) has placed increasing emphasis on the decentralization of powers and responsibilities to regional institutions and agencies and to local government with the objective of achieving more 'joined up' policy and service delivery and associated partnerships…
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