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The Kidnapping of the Lindbergh Baby

It led to the arrest of Bruno Richard Hauptmann who was charged and convicted of murder in the famous case. He was sentenced to death and was executed at 8:44 p.m. on April 3, 1936 ("The Kidnappimg"). The trial had ended, but the controversy continues today. While some critics claim that Hauptmann was framed to save face for the government, others are convinced that Hauptmann was the perpetrator. A close look at the methods of the time, the exhaustive investigation, and the evidence surrounding the case leaves little doubt that 'Bruno' Hauptmann was instrumental in the crime.
The case was controversial from the very first moments after the disappearance was discovered. It involved the son of the famous aviator, a beloved national hero. Immediately after the nurse, Betty Gow, discovered the open window and missing child, Lindbergh got a gun and went outside the house. He discovered a ladder near the open window and went to investigate. He trampled the footprints that remained and destroyed crucial evidence. In the flurry of confusion, the crime scene was contaminated. Local, state, and national law enforcement agencies all vowed to commit whatever resources were necessary to the investigation. ...
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Few criminal cases have captured the imagination of the American public to the extent that the kidnapping of 'Little Charlie' Lindbergh did. When people woke up on March 2, 1932 they were met by the New York Times headline that read, "Lindbergh Baby Taken From Home of Parents on Farm Near Princeton; Taken From His Crib; Wide Search On" (Levy 32)…
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