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Albert Einstein

This only showed that Einstein's determination and intelligence that he was able to make his disadvantage an advantage for him to succeed. His never-say-die attitude should be imitated by individuals who want to succeed despite of difficulties in some aspects of their lives.
Another is Einstein is a versatile contributor to human existence, with different contributions on different fields of study. Although he is more known in the study of quantum mechanics in Physics, Einstein also has other gained spotlight in other areas like Religion, Philosophy, Politics, etc. The reason could be because of his gaining popularity which made him an important person to be consulted or be heard on several issues involving social sciences like Philosophy and Politics. Einstein knowledge in science made him invent things and technologies that are useful although some had produced harmful impacts on the human race like the nuclear weapons. Einstein is also notable for his contributions on the field of Mathematics particularly in Geometry. Einstein could have contributed more if he had been employed earlier which according to R. Archer (2005), took Einstein two years before being employed.
His contributions also made him earn prestigious awards that only notable persons can attain. ...
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Albert Einstein should be regarded as the greatest scientist to have existed on Earth because of his extraordinary intelligence. His intelligence does not revolve only in Science and Physics but also in other aspects of life like Politics and Religion. His contributions in almost every aspect of life are immeasurable and incomparable…
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