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Managerial roles has changed last 5 years

Technology has become the driving cause in organizational change and development. In order to preserve an organization's existence or to sustain its profitable growth, management must adopt and react to the changing world. Managerial roles evolved from traditional specific functions to a more cross-functional role and having cross-business knowledge with higher expectations from stakeholders and better performance in the organization. Today's information age organizations operate in an integrated and complex business processes that goes beyond traditional functions like manufacturing, purchasing, distribution and marketing (Kaplan & Norton 2001, Chapter 1). Technology has combined the specialization benefits from these functional skills with the speed, efficiency and quality of an integrated business processes.
Andrew S. Grove, CEO of Intel, attributes much of his success to a terminology he called strategic inflection points. These are moments when massive change occurs in the company, the industrial environment they compete in, and the market they played at. ...
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The nature of management is defined as the effective and efficient process of achieving organizational goal. The major functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. (Daft & Marcic 2008, p. 184) In association to the definition, managers have the traditional roles as planners, organizers, leaders and controllers.
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