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Comparative Culture

This introduced a variety of religious movements to make the US culture a diverse mixture of faiths and traditions.
Conversely, Egypt today is predominantly one-religion country. According to a census in 1986 94 percent of Egyptians are Sunni Muslims. The largest religious minority is Coptic Orthodox Christians; some estimates suggest that Christians amount to 10 percent of the population (MS Encarta, 2003). The Egyptian religion is strongly influenced by Christianity, since Egypt was predominantly Christian before the Arab invasion in 641 (MS Encarta, 2003). Although united by language and belief, the modern day Egyptians not a homogenous society and comprise of Bedouin Arabs, nomadic tribal people, and Nubians (Arabnet, 2006).
The major difference between Egypt and USA is the perception of the spiritual and real-life worlds. The worldview in Egypt is influenced by the Islam (Chapter 10). Whereas the Arab world makes no distinction between religion and real life, in America faith is separated from everyday life, despite the high percentage of religious population (Chapter 9).
US puritan ancestors believed that men were born evil but had the potential to be good, through self-control and self-motivation. ...
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Religion is one of the major determinants of culture. Huntington (1993, 1996, cited in Chapter 9) has divided the world into cultural zones, based on religious beliefs; these zones have distinctive cultural differences that are the justification for such a division…
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