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Riddley Walker and Enders Game - Essay Example

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Riddley Walker and Enders Game

Locke. A name that was so credential to the population of the United Kingdom in the latter half of the 1600's. Locke was a great man who did many things for his country. "Locke is remembered today largely as a politic philosopher. He preached the doctrine that man naturally possesses certain large rights, the chief being life, liberty, and property." (pg.278, History at an Estranged Glance, by McCracken Phil & Dover, Ben, Your Momma Books LTD., Kandahar, Afghanistan, 2001) Locke influenced not only the people of his time, but many political thinkers in the years to come. "The American Declaration of Independence, clearly reflects Locke's teachings." (pg.278, McCracken & Dover) As well as a political thinker, Locke was also a teacher, preacher, scientist, physician, and confidential secretary to many important people of that time-frame. All in all, a very important individual in history who presented many valid points.
Peter Wiggins may only be a young boy, but inside his mind is a vastly complex series of thoughts and ideas, limited to few people on the earth. "There are maybe two or three thousand people in the world as smart as us, little sister. Most of them are making a living somewhere. Teaching, the poor bastards, or doing research. Precious few of them are actually in positions of power." (pg.129, Ender's Game, by Card, Orson S., Tom Doherty and Associates Inc., New York, N.Y., 1991) Peter is an extremely persuasive person, and this is a substantial characteristic of his, which comes to play when some of his valid points are discussed and debated over in the international forum. "Peter was a master of flattery, and all of his teachers bought it." (pg.124, Card) Another characteristic which helps Peter along the way is his outstanding self control. Peter doesn't let his emotions get involved in his forum writings, therefore, making it more credible to others on the net, that he is an adult, not a child. "Peter was not insane, not in the sense that he wasn't in control of himself. He was in better control of himself than anyone she (Valentine) knew. Peter could delay any desire as long as he needed to; he could conceal any emotion" (pg.125, Card) Peter is, in fact, a child genius.
Demosthenes, was a Greek orator who was born in Athens in 384 BC. He was an extremely accomplished public speaker in his time, probably one of the best ever in his country of Greece. "Demosthenes was the greatest Athenian orator." (pg.701, McCracken & Dover) Demosthenes' brilliant and controversial speeches did many things good and bad. His declamations often consisted of harsh words towards Philip II of Macedon, and the Macedon people, who were at the time, invading Greece's gold mines, and blocking off their grain routes. Often in his addresses, he would try to persuade the people of Athens to make a stand against the Macedons. " Throughout the 340's, Demosthenes continued his efforts to persuade the Athenians to take a strong stand against the Macedons. He continued to stir up opposition to what he regarded as Macedonian infringement of Greek liberty" (pg.701, McCracken & Dover) Many of Demosthenes' clever speeches, such as the Philippics, have been preserved, and are still debated over today by scholars, and modern day philosophers.
Valentine Wiggins, although a young girl, has ...Show more


In the book Ender's Game, two of the main characters are tired of being treated like children in society, so they decide to put their highly evolved grey matter to work in an international forum under the names Locke, and Demosthenes. The significance of these names is that Locke and Demosthenes were both excruciatingly influential political figures during their era in history…
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Riddley Walker and Enders Game essay example
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