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Immigration to the United States

There have been numerous arguments and ideas put forth, both, by the supporters and critics of immigration to the United States.
One of the arguments put forth by those who feel that there need to be restrictions placed on immigrations, is that immigrations dilute the superior composition of the society. They feel that the infusion of heterogeneous groups dilutes the superiority of their countrymen.
Earlier, the Americans did not face any problem, doing jobs that were not really meant for the higher strata of the society. However, with the natives of other countries coming in, these jobs have been allocated to them. The Americans, now, have grown increasingly partial in accepting these jobs. This, has, therefore, led to the classification of work.
In addition to this, they feel that the immigrants were assets earlier on; and have now transformed into liabilities. It is commonly felt that the immigrant work force is now large and has pushed the Americans out of the work force employed. They also feel that the immigrants are a menace to American ideals.
On the other hand, there are th ...
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The United States has been one of the most preferred countries, that immigrants from other nations have favoured in the past and continue to do so. A convergence of a number of factors, like employment opportunities, a cosmopolitan set-up and low home-country population, have inspired and encouraged this phenomenon…
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