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Book Report/Review example - Common Sense Using "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer

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Book Report/Review
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Common sense means the sense, wisdom or intelligence, which is compulsory for the people to avoid daily, usual problems. In our daily life, we can come across many problems. For example, financial, legal and emotional problems are few common examples of daily life…

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Happiness is the key to common sense. If happiness is seen in the right context, then man will use his common sense correctly. If basic pleasures are neglected, then the wrong sort of happiness will be chased after. "That sort of divine discontent is not the pursuit of happiness, but rather the pursuit of unhappiness." (Chesterton, 32).
As we know, that all the senses of normal human bodies always work correctly and properly. This accuracy of senses helps humans to avoid any wrong decision. Similarly, common sense must be accurate and work properly. This means that each individual must think positively and correctly, as common sense exists in the thinking view of individuals. In these circumstances, we can say that thinking positively and correctly, in time of trouble or during a problem, means the common sense is used properly. Moreover, if an individual became furious, fright or panic due to any problem, then the individual will make wrong decisions. Hence, it is very important to use common sense in time of any crisis. (Dario PAGE NUMBER HERE OR SECTION NUMBER)
Family is the basic unit of any society. To develop a good society it is very important to make good, strong family ties. Strong family connections can be formed after the implementation of strong faith, confidence and beliefs. ...
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