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The Core Competency of the Company

Brand strategies define buyer experience-through the products offered, the advertising messages conveyed, indeed through every interaction between an organization and a buyer-and through that experience buyers develop an understanding of brand differences (perceptions), form judgments about the value of brand differences (preferences), and create a logic for choosing among brands (brand choice strategies).We refer to strategies that teach buyers as market-driving strategies (Bearden et al 77).
Because of the Japanese consumer's traditional focus on corporate reputations, Japan has been considered a tough market for individual brands. This rising importance of branding, segmentation, and positioning has created new opportunities. In addition to Asahi and Honda, other nimble companies are taking advantage of the changes in the market to identify and capture specific segments of the market. Given the need to balance corporate and product-level branding, Sharp is applying a variety of approaches. These range from the more traditional corporate branding to two-story branding to narrow individual brand positioning. Companies are also using more Sharp -style branding (Boone and Kurtz 72).
High technology continues to have an intense attraction for consumers, ...
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Sharp Corporation is a leading consumer electronics company founded in 1912. The success of the company is caused by its unique strategy and brands image, customers loyalty and high quality of products and innovative solutions. Sharp Corporation is a company that has successfully refined and deepened the meaning of its corporate brand…
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