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Case studies College - Essay Example

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Case studies College

He sometimes fails to communicate and he feels isolated, unfulfilled, and smothered despite having all than a man aspired to have. His hardworking job, family, and others make him not at ease, and he has apparently no one to share. After a long break of about 15 years since their time together in the Dental College, Dr. Johnson meets his roommate Charlie Fineman (Adam Sandler) who had a dental degree too. His personal tragedy was well published in newspaper, and so his friend, Dr. Johnson knows about it. Fineman lost his family on 9/11, and he could not cope up with that tragedy in the ensuing years. The therapist calls it posttraumatic stress disorder, but when Dr. Johnson discovers his college roommate on the streets of his neighborhood, he finds Charlie had changed. The two start spending time together, trying to relive their old days, with hard attempts to find meaning of life. During the course of these events Dr. Johnson finds Charlie to be in a complete mode of denial of the tragic incident related to his family, to be lost in a child-like existence, keeping himself constantly busy in listening to music, playing video games, watching movies, or trying amateur music at home. He is completely oblivious of his professional capabilities of a dentist; he appears disheveled; his rooms are scattered and disorganized; his home has a kitchen but no food; he is obsessive about shoes; he talks in small repetitive phrases; and he cannot tolerate the mention of his family. It is a horrible experience for him to even think about the 9/11 event and the demise of his family. On the contrary, when he hears about the death of his friend's father, he fails to demonstrate any empathy, and to the shock of Dr. Johnson, he keeps talking about having a late night breakfast. Alan finds himself beginning to enjoy life again in Charlie's child-like presence, but as he realizes the extent of the pain that ravages Charlie he starts to attempt to help Charlie face his past and return to the real world. With the cues from the movie, the characters played by Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler will be analyzed here to arrive at the respective psychiatric diagnoses and a treatment plan will be devised.
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Case Study Format
Adam Sandler
Character: Charlie Fineman
I. Presenting Complaint
A. What is the client saying about the presenting problem/complaint
"I am okay." "I don't know, looks I am okay"
"I don't need a shrink"
"I don't like to think about them", my family.
"I don't want to talk about those things that I don't remember"
"I don't need to get some help"
" I have no one to share, you have got each other."

B. Subjective symptoms expressed
Dr. Fineman developed these symptoms after a traumatic life event of loss of his family. He was afraid to think about his family, and he felt helpless even with the slightest thought about the family, although he persistently relived the event in the subconscious and took all measures in the conscious to avoid being reminded about it. These were obviously overwhelming to him to the extent that he was rendered nonfunctional as an adult, to the extent that he quit his practice as a dentist. There is evidence that he entered into a mode of strong denial of the catastrophe only in a vain attempt to cover up the re-experience of the traumatic event of loss and profound grief over his family in ...Show more


Two in depth case studies including Multi-axial Diagnosis, Mental Status Examination and Treatment Plan; back up treatment recommendations with research data that support the treatment approach for each Diagnosis for the following movie characters: Reign Over Me: Separate Case Studies: Characters: Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler.
Author : mooresantos
Case studies College Essay essay example
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