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The nswers you will get once reding through the website will picture the imge of the investment climt of our compny. You will be ble to decide for yourslef either investing in nd owning residentil rentl properties is good for you; wether owning rel estte provides more secure investment nd better return thn the lgging stock mrket nd finlly you will be ble to mke your decision bout n investment with us.


We re comvinced tht when mking smll investment with our compny you re primrly mking n investment into your future revenues nd on the other hnd, we re getting one of our numerous nd vluble investors. We re ruled by the following motto: lot of gret compnies only need smller mounts of cpitl; we re one of them nd you cn become prt of us.
Corporte cquisition is very fmous now s it entils the bsorption of one firm by nother nd thus results in greter profits nd revenues. The diversifying cquisitions of numerous firms bring together firms producing in different industries tht re not linked by buyer-supplier reltions. Corporte cquisitions hve importnt economic, socil, nd politicl consequences nd, for this reson, hve been the focus of much pst reserch. The diversifying cquisitions re considered prticulrly importnt, nd number of scholrs nd prctitioners hve proved the essence of it in new conception nd form of corporte control.
The theory of our compny in reltion to corporte cquisitions is bsed on three ssumptions. We ssume tht corporte elites pursue cquisitions to increse their welth nd socil sttus. The diversifying cquisitions of the firms fcilittes the scendnce of smll, less-estblished firms in the corporte hierrchy. ...
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