Organizing Your Argument

High school
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Cohesiveness is very important when it comes to putting across an argument; an argument without cohesiveness is futile. This paper will throw light upon the important of cohesive argument, this paper will also comprehensively present the way an argument should be organized and presented.


A good introduction is a must for any argument; the introduction should present the problem clearly. It should be followed by a brief narrative, and then the position statement must follow. "Just because it's ancient doesn't mean it's carved in stone, however; there are other ways to organize an argument. Some people begin by writing up everything they are going to include and organizing later; others work out the order for each section ahead of time. Either way, when the time comes, it's probably best to work from an outline." (Organizing an Argument)
To sum it up it is very fair to say that presenting and organizing an argument is no walk in the park. It involves research and cohesiveness. These factors must be kept in mind before presenting and organizing an argument. This sums it up and it is very important to follow these steps.
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