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Transport through water came after. As time progressed, there was invention of other forms of transport including motor vehicles and railways. Transport by air is the most current. From the evolution of transportation, it is evident that the greatest motivation was volume and speed. The newer forms of transportation led to more goods to be carried and increase in the speed.
Transportation is through the land, air, water and outer-space. For all the modes of transportation, energy is needed. In traditional forms of transportation, human and animal, the energy was provided by humans and animals. In traditional water transportation, the energy needed was provided by wind [1]. The major contribution of energy for the modern mode of transportation is petroleum products. The source of fuel is very important to different modes of transport. The fuel used differs from one mode to another. Innovation of new modes of transportation led to innovations on the form of fuels used. Today, innovations that are made improve the current mode of transport and come up with other better modes. The greatest motivation to innovations is to increase speed and safety of transport. In addition, there is need for exploring other parts of space.
Land transportation is the oldest mode of transport. This mode includes all forms of transports that are made though the land. ...
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The future of transportation is promising. The need to move people and goods from one area to another is a necessity. The need for transport is natural to all people. People are endowed with the ability to move from one place to another by virtue of having legs…
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