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prejudice and discrimination - Essay Example

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Globalization has become a byword in contemporary times and the term is used to describe the present connectivity of different cities of the world as a result of economic and financial activities. The global village has shrunk as a result of developments in the field of communication and technology…

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prejudice and discrimination

Globalization has developed along two main streams namely economic and cultural. For many, globalization is equated with economic interdependence. At the dawn of the 21st century, "the scale and magnitude of global economic interaction appears to be unprecedentedContemporary patterns of economic globalization suggest the emergence of a new international division of labor" (Brahm).
Many would argue that globalization has benefited the wealthier nations and pushed developing nations into disadvantaged positions. There are perceived advantages and disadvantages in globalization. Some would view globalization as a factor the divides and widens the disparity between the rich and poor nations. Others would view globalization as an instrument of peace. They argue that countries that are trading partners are less likely to wage war against each other. Globalization attempted to homogenize cultures across the continent at the expense of cultural self-identity. It has bred the polarization of society's affluent and impoverished members. Saskia Sassen posited that globalization contributed to the class polarization while Janet Abu-Lughod concluded that globalization is contributory to the rise of class disparity. If one would adhere to the concept of convergence and global community, any attempt at creating inequity and conflict within the global convergence zone should be condemned. ...
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