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Successful brands have clarity of their own and the connected equity focuses on the measurement of brand value by comparing the brand assets with brand liabilities and maintaining a strong brand valuation. Brand identity is the main energy that gets created by the brand name and the degree of identity is connected with the brand management, quality and awareness that is being constantly created and recreated by the organisation.
Brand loyalty comes from the perceived quality for which brands should never be associated with incompatible products because as an important breakthrough, it should have significant entity and should not be placed in a conflicting situation. Brand architecture should place the brand in isolated splendour, though co-branding works with detailed strategies.
This needs brand efficiency, profitability and cost structure through continuous leveraging and consolidation. High-road brand, hitchhiker brand should be differentiated from low-road brands and dead-end brands for management purposes. Compatibility fit, market volatility, financing co-branding and commitment reliability should be assessed from a highly strategic point of view.
It is better to combine traditional and non-traditional marketing communication and promotion of the brands. ...
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Brands communicate important information to the customer by authenticating themselves with the connected worth, value of the company and the brand image. Brand is a complexity with multiple facets with both concrete and intangible attributes. It is a name, symbol, word, sign, design that distinguishes it from others through its functionality…
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