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Biological approach to personality - Essay Example

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Biological approach to personality

The biography of Gretchen Wilson may start out as sad story, but her life evolved into country music phenomena since then. (Kassidy Emerson)
Since then to date, Wilson has been performing as s singer where she appears before spectators in many places, singing and dancing, appearing to look very social, and entertaining her audiences. Thus, to my own point of view, she is extraversion based on Hans Eyssenck's theory of Personality.
(Robert Plomin) has shown that many environmental measures in psychology show genetic influence and that genetic factors can mediate associations between environmental measures and developmental outcomes.
This theory can have it roots from the evidence of Wilson's history, where it is categorically seen that she was influenced by the environmental factor which led to being moving and spending night in places away from home, while later, environment factor led her to becomes a musician, where she ought to entertains people.
Some children adapt quickly and easily to family daily routines and get along well with their siblings. Others, especially highly active, intense and "prickly" children have a more difficult time adjusting to everyday demands, and their interactions with parents and siblings may lead to friction and stress. Consider how an active, impulsive child can bother an older sibling who is trying to complete a school project, or how a distractible child who is low in persistence can frustrate parents' efforts to get him to complete his homework or to finish a household chore.

Thus, it is noteworthy to point out that Wilson does not inherit her behavior from her parents, nor they teach her such manners. But she was totally influenced by the condition she found herself shortly after her father could not be seen, as he skipped from his family. While her mother lacks all the capabilities whatsoever to shoulder her responsibilities. As such, she began going ups and downs, looking for all possible dimensions to earn her living. To this end, she found herself in the Musical Industry.

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Kassidy Emerson, August 15, 2006, The Biography of Gretchen Wilson, A red-neck woman who is proud of her heritage,

Eysenck's model of personality (P-E-N, Hans Eysenck,

Robert Plomin, ...Show more


Personality is the supreme realization of the innate idiosyncrasy of a living being. It is an act of high courage flung in the face of life, the absolute affirmation of all that constitutes the individual, the most successful adaptation to the universal condition of existence coupled with the greatest possible freedom for self-determination…
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Biological approach to personality essay example
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