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Business and Politics

As Lowi describes, politics makes it harder for the entire system to deal with power control since only part of the organizations are actually given actual hold of the situation. (Lowi 54)
On the other hand, having the need to actually consider the political system of dealing with situations could actually be completed strategically for the better benefits of the owner and the whole staff that makes up a certain business group such as that of Smith's. Doing so could even strengthen the company's stand in dealing with the issues of differences that they are usually confronted with.
In the case of Smith's Left Handed Widgets Inc. case, it could be noticed that a balanced political approach may appear to be the most useful and most effective approach to be used towards the instances when the need to be politically acquainted with becomes necessary. It is rather considered important though that the organization look at the process in a rather consuming way. ...
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Politics in business has always caused major issues in the field of entrepreneurial industries. The process by which others try to outdo others in the field of commerce naturally creates misunderstandings among those who are involved in the competition. Besides that, the existence of alliances makes it harder for the administrators to create total unity within the organization as they face the different changes that are brought about by business innovations and advancements.
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