Le meridian Corporate Strategy

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Jurgen Bartels (commonly known to be JB), CEO of Le Meridien was very dynamic in his thought to rewrite the history of Le Meridien by marking his targets towards the acme. JB was awarded the coveted job at a stage where entire world was in the shock of 9/11 attacks.


The business was hard to come to any hospitality companies. Companies' at this crunch stage adopt a safe way to hold their businesses. JB implemented an unconventional thought to draw revenues at all the prosperities. JB with his two strategies "Arch & tech" and "Treasure hunt" may not be effective as the prevailing marketing conditions do not drive the customers to use the hospitality services.
The initiative "Arch & Tech" requires a considerable amount of investment to renovate the properties according to the lavish requirement of the theme which is not advisable at the point where there are no takers for property. The amount of time needed for establishing the properties according to the expectations of the initiative are more and the promotional cost add to this affair. As per the time frame of 3 years the first priorities should be to retain and uphold the key service aspects that are well accepted in the customer segments.
The two new initiatives may not be well accepted by the property owners and other key managing director of different regions with respect to a particular country. The new initiatives may not consider the local customs and traditions. The initiatives if implemented may not promise the expected customer turn out as we cannot estimate the level of acceptance for the service ambience.
Hospitality is more related to the movement of truth created by the ambience and service rendered by employees. ...
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