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More Opportunity Equals More Crime

In 1953, 10.84 percent of women were arrested for a variety of crimes (Science News, 1975). By 1972, this number jumped to 15.27 percent (Science News, 1975). The numbers of monetary crimes perpetrated by women (embezzlement, counterfeiting, fraud, and forgery) also increased significantly during this same period (Science News, 1975; Sohoni, 1994). However, the rates of women participating in violent crimes stayed about the same (Science News, 1975; Sohoni, 1994). In the past twenty-five years, the rate of increase for female incarcerations has surpassed, and even doubled, the rate for male incarcerations (Sileo, 1993). Why is this sudden increase being seen Are more women suddenly turning to a life of crime Are women more evil than they were in years past
The definitive answer to this question is "no." Women have always committed crimes. It just seems that now the criminal justice system is getting better at catching and convicting the women who do commit crimes (Sileo, 1993). Also, women have more opportunities to interact outside the home than they did 50 years ago (Sileo, 1993). Since women are out in the workforce more than they used to be, it makes sense that there would be more instances of business-related crimes perpetrated by women. ...
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Crime is traditionally thought to be a male problem. Women are often left out of the criminology discussions. This is mainly because women are seen as the "fairer" or "weaker" sex. How can a dainty, submissive housewife commit as awful an act as robbing a bank or murdering her husband Surely these crimes are the sole territory of men…
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