Motivation Technique for Site Manager

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The author is currently working as a site manager on a construction site. It is not a regular construction job, it is rather a competition where ten construction companies have to demonstrate its abilities, efficiencies, promptness and quality of the job, while performing the pavement of a road.


The sponsors of the project issued warnings regarding the typical constraints presented in an underdeveloped country. The Site manager is required to explain the situation to his workers and to motivate them in order to win the competition, they need to keep in mind that there is time constraint and might be supplies and materials constraints, in general situations which they have not been exposed to. There are several techniques used to motivate the employees, the site manager will attempt to emphasize on the techniques presented by Businessballs website and by 5000 website.
The construction job is to be divided in several different phases. Some of them can be performed at the same time, and some of them should be performed one after the other. The first phase is the mobilise the personnel into the job site, that is to set up offices and a warehouse to keep all the construction equipment and different supplies. The offices could be empty containers which are easily transported and suited of different purposes. The personnel required for this phase is the site manager, head engineer and 6 construction workers. The next phase is to hire a topographer team in order to verify the configuration of the road. ...
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