Testing on Animals

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For many different reasons many people see a difference, at least morally, between testing certain things on humans and testing them on animals. Of course there is a large outcry against animal testing, but for the most part regular people seem to be ok with the fact that their perfume or make up was tested on animals, and if they do have any feeling it is that they just don't mind at all.


To other people just the fact that the testing on animals may save discomfort to humans is enough for them to sleep soundly. While this may put some people's mind at ease, others see no clear moral difference between putting an animal what you wouldn't want to put a human through.
Morally some people can see the difference between people and animals, others see us as all one and if you don't want a human to go through it you shouldn't put an animal through it. I myself do not see a difference between hurting either man or animals, and feel that you should either treat them both equally, or not test on them at all.
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