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System Analysis and Design

With the use cases, UML enables us to study existing objects to see if they can be reused or adapted for new uses, and to define new or modified objects that will be combined with existing objects into a useful business computing application. This identification objects within the systems environment, and the relationships between those objects makes the drawing of the diagrams much faster and easier. For example, in our case we identify the objects (member), their data attributes (member no, firstname), associated behavior such as booking for a tennis court, and relationships which support the required business system functionality. Also we employ Use Case Modeling which is the process of identifying and modeling business events, who initiated them, and how the system responds to them.
Another comparison comes in that SSADM adopts the Waterfall model of systems development, where each phase has to be completed and signed off before subsequent phases can begin while the use of UML the no phases of development are defined thus as long as the classes and objects are clearly identified any diagram can be drawn.
Finally, SSADM uses three key techniques, namely Logical Data Modeling, Data Flow ...
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UNIFIED MODELING LAGUAGE (UML) The use of UML has widely grown thus making the process of design of systems enjoyable and interesting. In this case UML provides a greater opportunity to model systems that are easy to understand. UML in this case takes the object oriented approach whereby the construction of the models is based on object identification and translating the objects into the required diagrams such as class diagrams…
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