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Effective teaching in schools

For example schools located in rural areas or schools serving marginalised communities such as the blacks and immigrants may have to adopt different teaching strategies so as to be effective in teaching. Such schools are likely to go for the strategies, which meet the needs of the vulnerable children they enroll. When designing or determining the most suitable or effective strategies for schools it is important to bear in mind the level of the pupils. Strategies, which may be effective in primary school level, may fail terribly if applied to higher education level. Developmental stages must be considered by teachers. For example primary school pupils are more likely to experience emotional imbalances than high school students. This calls for teachers to be careful on the way they plan for their teaching sessions.
Evidence of behavioural changes in children was evidenced by the increase in the number of children who faced exclusion from school in the years following the removal of elusion targets in schools in 2001 (Evans, Harden, Thomas, & Benefield, 2003.31-79). There was an increase of about 11 percent in secondary schools and an increase in exclusion of about 19% in primary schools (Evans, Harden, Thomas, & Benefield, 2003.31-79). ...
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Effective teaching in England both at the local education authority as well as the higher education has been a subject of study by many scholars and commission. However most scholars concur that, the status of the teacher that is; qualified teacher status or lack of the qualified teacher status plays a very significant role in determining how teachers end up teaching…
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