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Personal Professional Development in Nursing - Essay Example

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Introduction: Nursing is a profession with responsibility. A responsible person is self conscious and rational person who is capable of making a response to other persons, and in doing so, the individual acknowledges a legal and moral obligation in terms of being reliable and trustworthy with maintenance of the standards of practice demonstrating competence…

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Personal Professional Development in Nursing

The code of professional conduct calls for a high standard of professional behaviour from the nurses, regulating the nursing and midwifery practice in order to ensure standards and proving protection for the clients. Nursing, in essence, is a care system that springs from safe, caring, and competent and educated decision making, and nurse is a professional who is willing to accept personal and professional accountability for evidence-based practice (Wiseman, 2007, 167-173).
Ethical decisions are made in nursing in every moment of care without being conscious about the particular theories on which these decisions are made. Ethics implies transparency and public accountability. There are two different ways of viewing ethics, normative and descriptive. Normative or prescriptive principles of ethics lead to the professional codes of conduct. Theories of ethics are most useful in nursing for reflections on situation and for discussions of value formation. The heart of ethics is concerned with justice and truth and how the principles interrelate with each other and with behaviour between people. ...
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